In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Acceptance is of two kinds; acceptance of one’s actions and acceptance of one’s life. The purpose of our life is to recognise Allah as the only deity worthy of being worshipped. However, this needs to be internalised and embeded in the depths of our hearts. Once this happens, every action we perform will be a manifestation of this internalisation.

Acceptance from Allah is much like attaining Ikhlaas (sincerity). One can spend the entirety of his life obtaining it and even if it is obtained, it can be lost in a moment of error.

Not having our lives accepted by Allah is something we should all fear. Our actions are nowhere close to having the concentration and devotion that has been shown to us by Muhammed ﷺ and his companions (may Allah have mercy on them all). When we look at the lives of the companions (may Allah have mercy on them all) we see they all feared whether they had truly pleased Allah.

However, we remain hopeful of His mercy at all times. I have heard from my elders – the little we do is a lot (ie. valued) and the lot that we do is little (ie. not enough).

May Allah grant us the ability to strive and struggle to attain His pleasure.

And Allah knows best
Jazakumullahu Khayran
Yasin Ibn Suleman Desai

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